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  • Graco  Mini Fire-Ball 225 Oil Pump 3:1

Graco Mini Fire-Ball 225 Oil Pumps are designed to transfer Petroleum and synthetic based oils at a reliable rate. They are built to not only provide a reliable rate of flow, but also the streamlined design leads to an extremely long service life, no matter what conditions it is used in. This extended service life means lower maintenenace costs for you and a higher rate of productivity for the pump. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Non-corrosive air motor designed for a long life (Metal parts crafted out of SST, Aluminum, and Chrome)
  • No metal-to-metal contact, which leads to a longer pump life and able to withstand harsher conditions
  • Double acting pump provides reliable fluid flow
  • Few moving parts translates into low maintenance and low cost of ownership
  • Open exhaust port provides continuous operation without icing
  • Includes a suction tube (15C502), Bung adaptor (222308)
  • Use an Air Regulator (109075) as required, Air Regulator MUST be ordered SEPERATELY

Typical Applications:

  • Medium-Low volume and pressure lubricant transfer
  • Automotive/Heavy duty dealerships
  • Fast lube centers and service shops
  • fleet service facilities
  • In-plant operations
  • Lube trucks
  • Mining operations


Graco Mini Fire-Ball 225 Oil Pump 3:1

  • Brand: Graco
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