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  • APT Tank Fitting Flange Adapter 4"

APT tank fitting adapters provide a high quality, cost-effective way to mount tank sumps to a standard 4" NPT tank opening. The bright zinc plated cast iron construction is not only strong, but corrosion-resistant. The TFA-400-II is easy to install its single hole style mounting allows sumps to be rotated to properly align pipe entries.


  • Easily installs with standard tools.
  • TFA-400-II fits onto a standard 4" NPT tank riser pipe with 4" NPT internal threads for mounting a submersible pump.
  • Installs through one hole in the sump base, permitting the sump to be rotated on the adapter to properly align pipe penetrations.
  • Compression ring design allows installation with a solid gasket ring to ensure a watertight seal and environmental security.

APT Tank Fitting Flange Adapter 4"

  • $377.00

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