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  • Whittaker Meggitt 4" API Bottom Loading Coupler

Whittaker F228 4" API Bottom Loading Coupler

Key Features

  • Push-on, pull-off, one-hand operation no rotation-no slots
  • Fully interlocked - can't be opened unless locked and can't be removed unless closed
  • Minimum disconnect spillage with dual seals within API specs
  • Floating nose seal provides positive seal under operating conditions
  • Dust protection sleeve seal
  • Full flow four-inch design - 4.7PSI pressure drop thruF228/F433 at 1000 GPM
  • Lightweight design - 13.6pounds
  • Four-inch NTT flanged inlet standard, other options available as listed below
  • Mates adapters made to APIPR1004 (See catalog page onAPI adapters)
  • Standard seals recommended for all commercial automotive and aircraft fuels, Viton seals available
  • Whittaker four-inch swivels available as modifications
  • Operating pressure-120 psi maximum, 350 psi peak surge

Whittaker Meggitt 4" API Bottom Loading Coupler

  • Brand: Meggitt
  • Product Code: F228C
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $1,136.00

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