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  • Morrison Brothers 8" Emergency Vent 8oz - Male Thread

UL Listed Emergency vent (pressure relief only) used on aboveground storage tanks, as a code requirement, to help prevent the tank from becoming over-pressurized and possibly rupturing if ever exposed to fire.

Vent must be used in conjunction with a "œnormal vent." Correct application of this vent requires proper vent size and selection for the tank system in order to meet the specific venting capacity.

Code Compliance

API 2000; International Fire Code; National Fire Code of Canada; NFPA 1, 30, 30A, 31, 37, 110; PEI RP200; PEI RP800; Underwriters Laboratories Inc. UL-142, UL-2085, UL- 2244; Underwriters Laboratories of Canada CAN/ULC S601-07, CAN/ULC S602-07, CAN/ULC S652-08.

Morrison Brothers 8" Emergency Vent 8oz - Male Thread

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