PEI NACS Show 2015 Recap


We had a great time at the PEI NACS show in Vegas last week and were able to visit with many of our manufacturers and some of our friends from Husky, Morrison Brothers and OPW.  

At the NACS general session Henry Armour NACS President and CEO told attendees, “We’ve been hard at work developing tools to help you defend and grow your businesses."

He shared that NACS is improving the convenience retailing industry by scouting and sharing global best practices, developing programs for members to improve their operations and creating new initiatives to address critical issues and opportunities. He then outlined each of these areas, touching first on global best practices.

Armour highlighted the issues and opportunities facing the industry and how NACS is addressing them with the help of the association’s subsidiaries and affiliated organizations.

Fuels: Because convenience stores sell more than 80% of the gasoline in the United States, NACS founded the Fuels Institute two years ago to have a seat at the table for any discussion involving transportation fuels. “The Fuels Institute has—for really the first time ever—brought the diverse stakeholders from the transportation and fuels markets together: retailers, refiners, ethanol and natural gas producers, automobile manufacturers and even consumer advocates, to help identify transportation’s biggest issues—and create fact-based research to address them.”

It was a fantastic show with more than 24,000 attendees,  interesting and informative educational sessions, introduction of some great new products and just a wonderful opportunity to connect with customers, manufacturers and industry leaders. 

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