PECOFacet Awards White Tucker Company Top Distributor Award for 2014


PECOFacet recently presented White Tucker Company with an award for being a Top PECOFacet Distributor in 2014.  PECOFacet is a leading manufacturer of filtration and separation products for the oil & gas, aviation, marine, environmental and general industrial markets.  Working with customers around the world on diverse contaminant management challenges, PECOFacet is known for providing filtration solution using innovative product designs and advanced testing and services. PECOFacet is a part of CLARCOR and operates under their Industrial/Environmental segment. PECOFacet products include filter housings and aftermarket cartridges such as gas coalescers, dry gas filters, gas filter separators, gas scrubbers, fuel/water separators and liquid filters. Aftermarket cartridges can also be built to retrofit competitor housings.  Also manufactured are oil water separators, filtration systems, sewage treatment units, electronic sensors for particle measurement and coke removal units for ethylene plants. Partnering with their customers to understand their containment challenges, they provide valuable solutions to save them money, improve their process performance and reduce environmental impact.  We have been providing these quality PECOFacet products to our customers for many years and are honored to accept this award. We are confident in PECOFacet's  reputation for excellence and reliability,  and their focus on  the future of filtration with their Innovative Filtration Solutions.™



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