OPW Adds New Features to Petro Vend 100®

Article/ OPW Adds New Features to Petro Vend 100®

OPW Adds New Features to Petro Vend 100®

Reprint from OPW | Oct 12, 2015

New Features Enable Small Sites to Scale Up When Their Needs Expand 

OPW has enhanced its popular stand-alone Petro Vend 100® Fuel Control System to offer an upgradeable feature set that will deliver increased capacity to new sites and help small commercial fuel sites expand as operations grow.

Enhanced PetroVend 100

The Petro Vend 100’s new features include the ability to scale up from 50 to 250 or 1,000 users and from two to four fueling positions. The new PV100 also offers Direct Pump Control for Wayne or Gasboy® dispensers, which reduces installation, wire and wiring costs. Driver and vehicle card capabilities allow dual card operation, while ChipKey®, magnetic card and proximity card/key upgrades enhance dispenser activation security. The Petro Vend 100 is available in three new aluminum pedestal sizes, including sizes that are Americans with Disabilities Act compliant. 

“OPW’s enhanced Petro Vend 100 delivers the accountability that our customers have come to expect, while the new features make the PV100 a ‘future ready’ fuel control asset that will help sites expand as needs dictate,” said Jeremy Lewis, Commercial Business Development Manager – Fuel Control.

As a turnkey system, the Petro Vend 100 Fuel Control System ships ready to use. As a stand-alone, field-upgradeable system, the PV100 is designed to minimize additional equipment and service costs, requiring only power, pulser and hose-control line connections in order to begin fueling operations. 

“Start-ups and small fuel sites are frequently restricted by tight operating budgets,” Lewis said. “The Petro Vend 100 offers new fuel sites a cost-effective fuel control solution that can be quickly deployed, and allows existing fuel sites to expand their capacity without exorbitant investments in new infrastructure.” 

The PV100 will be available through OPW distributors beginning in November 2015.


* Gasboy® branded products are manufactured by Gilbarco Veeder-Root, part of Danaher Corporation; Wayne dispensers are manufactured by Wayne Fueling Systems.

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