OPW Collaborative Product Improvement Award

Congratulations to  Mike Zubel of Houston-based Landmark Industries who was recently awarded the OPW Collaborative Product Improvement Award.  Mike was recognized by OPW, a Dover company and a global leader in fluid handling solutions, at the NACS show in Las Vegas in October.  

The purpose of this award is to acknowledge OPW partners who go above and beyond the call of duty to help improve OPW products and the industry.  "The OPW Collaborative Product Improvement Award is really OPW thanking a customer for caring about our success as much as we do," said Matt Lauber, OPW Above Ground Product Manager. "We appreciate being  able to partner so closely with our customers."  

Mike’s suggestion will further enhance usability of  the “Push-Swist-Lock”  technology of the OPW 68EZR Reconnectable Breakaway. Douglas Olenick, OPW Product Manager of CleanEnergy was part of the original team that listened to Zubel's feedback. "Not every customer is going to handle a product the way an engineer plans," said Olenick. "Michael's feedback and insight really gave our engineers something to think about. That does not always happen and that's why he is so deserving."

"This was a complete surprise to Michael," said Lauber. "This is a customer who sat down in his office, looked at a product and said I love this, but I think it could be better. He did this, not because we asked him to, but because he saw something to help improve it. That is the very essence of this award."

For more information about OPW products contact us at 800-777-9826. 


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