Gasoline/Ethanol Blend Fuel Dispensing

Gasoline/Ethanol Blend Fuel Dispensing 

Why the new UL standards?

Part 1

With the increased usage of gasoline/ethanol blend fuels, UL began certifying (listing) dispensing equipment and components for use with gasoline/ethanol blends with a nominal ethanol concentration greater than 10% (such as E85, E25 and other blends).  

High concentration of ethanol or other alcohols within blended fuels make these fuels more corrosive than traditional gasoline and gasohol (10 percent ethanol or E10). This could result in the fuel chemically degrading the materials used in fuel-dispenser components, which could ultimately affect the dispenser’s ability to contain the fuel. 

In Part 2 we will discuss the  history of gasoline/ethanol blends. 


*These excerpts were taken from the UL Gasoline/Ethanol Blend Fuel Dispensing 

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Gasoline/Ethanol Blend Fuel Dispensing
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